What can I do with a TESOL Certification?

A TESOL Certification is a professional credential that is accepted by educational institutions in countries all around the world. With a 120+ hour TESOL Certification from Galapagos TEFL you will be able to teach English in countries across the world. You’ll be prepared to teach English to students from any background or ability level.

How does Galapagos TEFL help me find a job?

At Galapagos TEFL we are invested in your success. We work one-on-one with each of our participants to help them in developing resumes, preparing for job interviews and creating a professional portfolio that demonstrates their range of proficiencies. We provide participants with the knowledge they’ll need to land their dream job.

Further, through our connections with local Ecuadorian schools, we can help place participants directly in positions that will provide them a work visa, health insurance, paid holidays and more.

Applicants interested in continuing their learning are invited to stay with us and volunteer at local public schools and language institutes in Puerto Ayora. A certificate of hours completed will be provided volunteers to add to their professional teaching portfolio.

Does Galapagos TEFL provide me a guaranteed job?

Participants are not guaranteed a job upon completion of the course. However, with the assistance, advice and knowledge offered by our highly-experienced teacher-trainers and the professional portfolio you will develop at Galapagos TEFL, you will have all the information and tools necessary to find the job you’re looking for.

What’s different about the TESOL certification at Galapagos TEFL?

Galapagos TEFL works with you as an individual and helps you develop a personal theory of teaching practice that will guide you from job interview to classroom practice. Our mission is not just to transmit the knowledge you’ll need to succeed, but to foster independent, critical thinking and creative mindset that will set you apart from the crowd.

Besides that, Galapagos TEFL offers participants a unique opportunity to earn their TESOL certificates in one of the most unique locations on Earth, the Galapagos Islands. Additionally, participants are lodged in private-room accommodations with local families. These homestay opportunities are unique to Galapagos TEFL and offer participants a first-hand glimpse of what living in a foreign country is all about.

Can I volunteer at Galapagos TEFL after I earn my TESOL certificate?

Absolutely. Successful Galapagos TEFL participants are welcome to stay and volunteer for the duration of their tourist visa following the completion of their TESOL certification course.

Who will I be living with?

Participants complete a Homestay Questionnaire when they apply for the TESOL certification course at Galapagos TEFL. Using this questionnaire, the staff at Galapagos TEFL finds a local family that will fit the needs and desires of our participants. All homestay options are vetted for appropriateness by Galapagos TEFL staff prior to participant arrival. All homestays will offer private room accommodation, daily complete breakfasts and a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment.

Will I know my who my host family is before I arrive?

Yes. After the staff at Galapagos TEFL receive participant’s homestay questionnaire, they go to work finding the best possible local family to host them. When a match is made, participants are notified via email and are provided the name and contact information for their host family.

What does a day in the life of a participant look like?

The TESOL certification course at Galapagos TEFL is intensive. However, we strive to provide participants with an appropriate work-life balance. On class days (Monday-Thursday), participants will have breakfast with their host family before heading to Galapagos TEFL for the first class of the day at 8AM. Lunch is from 1PM – 2PM. After lunch, participants work on lesson planning, observe master teachers in the classroom, and/or teach their own classes in front of local English language students.

On Friday’s, participants are provided a reading day to catch up on course work or explore the amazing beauty the Galapagos has to offer.

How do I get to the Galapagos?

This can vary depending on where you are coming from. Most people, however, fly into Quito, the capital of Ecuador, first. From there it is a short 2.5 hour flight to Baltra Airport, the main airport serving Santa Cruz Island.

How do I get to Galapagos TEFL?

The friendly staff at Galapagos TEFL will be at the airport to receive you upon arrival.

What if my flight is delayed?

Prior to departure, you will receive contact information for your host family and the staff at Galapagos TEFL. In the event your flight is delayed, simply inform the Galapagos TEFL staff and we will make sure that you receive detailed instructions on how to get here.

What if I need help?

The staff at Galapagos TEFL is here to assist you from start to finish. If there is anything we can assist you with prior to arrival, during the course or post-course, let us know! We will be happy to help in any way that we can.

When do I get my TESOL certificate?

All participants who successfully complete the TESOL certification course at Galapagos TEFL will receive their TESOL certificate on the final day of the course.

How do I pay my host family?

Participants do not pay their homestay family. The cost of lodging and food is included in the total costs of the Galapagos TEFL course.

What currency is used in the Galapagos?

Ecuador currently uses the US dollar.

How much money will I need to bring with me?

The answer to this question will vary depending on what participants are interested in doing during their free time.

In general, any bathroom-related products you need are best purchased in your home country and brought to the islands. Things like toothpaste, deodorant and sunscreen are quite pricey.

How much should I budget for my every day needs?

Participants are provided a complete and filling breakfast at the beginning of each day. The following list provides estimated costs of local products and services

Lunch (at a local restaurant): $4

Dinner (at a local restaurant): $4.

A quart of milk: $1.80

A kilogram of laundry: $2.

A basic haircut:  $5 mens / $15 women’s

What happens if I have a medical emergency while on island?

Galapagos TEFL strongly recommends that participants acquire travel medical insurance prior to departing to the Galapagos. There is a local hospital that will treat you in case you have a medical emergency during your stay.