Earning a TESOL certificate in the Galapagos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What makes it even more special is that Galapagos TEFL arranges homestay accommodations for all its TESOL course participants.

All host families are located in Puerto Ayora, the main city on Santa Cruz island. No host family will be more than a 15 minute walk to Galapagos TEFL.

All homestay families offer TESOL course participants:

  • Private room accommodations
  • Daily complete breakfasts

Galapagos TEFL course participants fill-out a homestay questionnaire when registering for the course. Our staff then work on finding the best possible local family to pair you with. When we find a great match, you will receive an email including housing and family details as well as the host family’s contact information.

The homestay experience with Galapagos TEFL makes our TESOL certificate different because it:

  • intimately connects participants with the local community
  • provides participants with a language learning experience that will guide their understanding of what their students experience in the language learning process
  • gives participants a first-hand look at what life is like living in a foreign country
  • offers the chance to make lifelong connections to the Galapagos

Program Dates & Fees

Volunteer Teaching Opportunities

Galapagos TEFL course participants are welcome to continue their stay on the Galapagos and volunteer for as long as their tourist visa allows.

TESOL participants who wish to stay and volunteer after they complete the TESOL course may do so for no extra tuition. If volunteers wish, Galapagos TEFL will arrange a homestay extension with the host family for an agreed upon daily rate.