TESOL program

Our TESOL certificate graduates are prepared to enter English as a second language classrooms in Ecuador, South America and beyond.

The program provides 120 hours of expert training and instruction over the course of 5 weeks in the Galapagos islands.

Our Program at a Glance

  • Development of a Professional Teaching Portfolio
  • Principles of ESL instruction
  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management Best Practices
  • Introduction to English Grammar, Lexis and Phonology
  • Teaching Pronunciation and Phonetics
  • Teaching Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Critical Reflective Practice
  • Practical Experience with ESL Students
  • Resume Writing and Job Interview Strategies
  • Adapting and Thriving in a New Culture
  • Job Placement Assistance in Ecuador

Program Dates

*In order to maintain personalized service we maintain a participant to trainer ratio or 5:1 or less. To maintain this ratio, we cap our course at 12 participants. Be sure to enroll early to secure your place.

Program Fees

Course Content in Detail

The objective of the TESOL certification program is to provide participants with a solid, foundational grounding in the 8 TESOL International defined standards for the industry. In order to do so, Galapagos TEFL provides participants with introductory instruction in:

  1. Development of a Professional Teaching Portfolio
    1. As you learn and develop your understandings of ESL and teaching you will continually add to your professional teaching portfolio. We work one on one with you to develop a portfolio that exemplifies all that you’ve learned and are capable of. This teaching portfolio will not only serve as your number one asset in acquiring a teaching position, it will also be a resource upon which you will continually draw when you begin practicing in the classroom.
  2. Principles of ESL instruction 
    1. A class in which participants will become acquainted with traditional and current ESL teaching methodology. Participants will be expected to attain an ability to implement these methods in practice, including lesson planning, instruction and assessment.
  3. Lesson Planning
    1. We train you to develop a professional lesson plan that demonstrates your understanding of key teaching principles, classroom management best practices and assessment strategies. Lesson plan development is a critical skill employers are looking for. Upon completion of our TESOL certification course, you will have at least two excellent examples of lesson plans to show off to potential employers.
  4. Classroom Management
    1. Whether you have a class full of 6 year olds or adults, classroom management is key to exploiting the learning opportunities that occur in your classroom. We will help you develop personalized techniques that work and help you control the class, so the class can focus on their learning.
  5. English grammar, lexis and phonology
    1. A class in which participants will be introduced to foundational English grammar necessary for any language teacher. Additionally, the course provides instruction in English pronunciation and text analysis. With these skills you will be able to utilize any course book an institution uses to match curricular need.
  6. Teaching the Four Skills
    1. A critical aspect of teaching ESL is mastering an ability to teach the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Through our course you will learn to teach these skills in an integrated way and exemplify this knowledge in your lesson plans and other teaching artefacts, thus demonstrating your depth of understanding to potential employers.
  7. Second language acquisition
    1. A course in which participants will become acquainted with the dominant theories that may impact their understanding of language learning.
  8. Intercultural Communication
    1. A course which gives participants an insight into their own language use along with an increased meta-awareness of how language and culture coexist.
  9. Critical Reflective Practice
    1. A course which provides participants with the ability to make informed decisions based on practical use of the experiential learning cycle. Further, the course provides participants with a model for personal and continuous professional development.
  10. Live Practical Experience
    1. A course which provides participants with hands-on experience working with EFL students in the Galapagos. Each participant will conduct at least 5 hours of lesson instruction under the direct supervision of Galapagos TEFL teacher-trainers.
Live Practice with Local Students

Course Center

Our TESOL certification program is a beautiful little school in the heart of Puerto Ayora. Everything is within walking distance. The classrooms are fully equipped with white boards, projectors and wifi internet. We are less than a 15 minute walk to some of the most beautiful beaches Santa Cruz has to offer.

Job Placement and Search Assistance

Most TEFL/TESOL providers give participants a list of possible job opportunities in countries around the world. However, the job search assistance rarely goes beyond that.

What makes Galapagos TEFL different is that we prepare you for the job market by developing a teaching portfolio that exemplifies your unique abilities and skills in the classroom. Our portfolio development sessions will include resume writing assistance as well as in-person work in developing interview strategies and techniques to help you land your dream job.

Further, through Galapagos TEFL’s connections with schools throughout Ecuador, we can help you secure your first teaching position that will include: a work visa, health insurance, paid holidays, and other potential benefits. For participants interested in continuing their learning and their time on the Galapagos, Galapagos TEFL has local connections with English institutes and public schools that would be happy to receive eager volunteers.

A Day-in-the-Life of a Course Participant

While the TESOL certification course at TEFL Galapagos is intensive, we seek to maintain an appropriate work-life balance for our participants. By designing the course to operate over 5-weeks, participants will have more time to encounter and acquire the requisite knowledge-base they need to confidently begin teaching English.

Starting the day, participants wake up in their private-room homestay and are offered a filling, complete breakfast 7 days a week. Galapagos TEFL instructional classes run from Monday – Thursday. Participants are in class from 8AM – 1PM. Following lunch course participants engage in lesson planning, class observations and/or live teaching sessions. Fridays are provided as reading days to allow participants time to complete required reading, writing, and lesson planning assignments.

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