How Do We Stack Up?

At Galapagos TEFL we pride ourselves on providing quality, individualized service that meets the needs of our participants and prepares them to be exceptional teachers.

  1. We will not gaurantee you a job, but you’ll be hard pressed not to find one with the training and assistance we provide you. In addition to our TESOL certification course, every participant at Galapagos TEFL gets personalized assistance in preparing their resume, building their teaching portfolio, and preparing for job interviews. Once our participants leave us here on the islands they are welcome to get in touch with any further inquiries they may have.
  2. Our TESOL certification program exceeds industry standards as laid out by TESOL International.
  3. Every participant at Galapagos TEFL has a minimum of 5 hours of in-class, practical experience with a class of local English students from the Galapagos community. If a participant wishes, they can stay on as a volunteer after their course concludes for no additional tuition.
  4. All practical sessions are directly supervised by Galapagos TEFL teacher-trainers. In each session, participants are supported from the first steps in lesson planning through to post-class reflective practice.
  5. Our curriculum has been developed by teachers for teachers. It provides in-depth knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In addition, the program gives participants critical understandings in teaching methodologies, second language acquisition, intercultural communication, and critical reflective practice.
  6. Having a realistic understanding of what jobs you can get, where you can teach and how much you’ll be able to earn and/or save is critical information to newly minted teachers. Having a combined 40+ years of experience in the field, the teacher-trainers and staff at Galapagos TEFL are perfectly equipped to answer your questions and provide you the on-the-ground information you’ll need to make informed decisions when looking for a job.
  7. Transparency is very important for us here at Galapagos TEFL. Having been in the field for so long, we know how many scams and half-truths there are out there. We are happy to answer any questions before you spend any money. Have a look at our FAQ page. If you still have questions, schedule an information session and we will happily answer any question you may have.
  8. Galapagos TEFL is unique among TESOL certification programs. This is thanks to our curriculum as well as our homestay program. Our TESOL course participants stay in private room accommodations with local host families. We are immensely proud of our homestay program as it engenders lifelong relationships, provides for cross-cultural learning experiences and gives participants a first-hand look at what living life abroad is really like.
  9. The best and clearest reason to choose Galapagos TEFL is the support we provide you. We are not an international company focused on training as many participants as possible. We focus on the individual. We cap class sizes at 12 so that our teacher-trainer to participant ratio is never greater than 4:1. We will gladly assist you with pre-arrival logistics to on-island support through to post-certification job search advice and assistance. At Galapagos TEFL, our participants are part of the Galapagos family.

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